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A Call to Action to my United Methodist friends (and anyone who wants to make a difference):

It probably has not gone unnoticed that the United Methodist Church has been embroiled in a protracted internal conflict over the full inclusion of the LGBTQIA community into the church to include marriage equality and ordination rights. Our denomination has wasted countless millions of dollars and untold work hours on this internal squabbling which is really a fait accompli. When Generation X and the Millennials finally have control of the church, there will be full inclusion, I truly believe this. I welcome it, I yearn for it like so many others in the church. Meanwhile, while we have been arguing amongst ourselves the United Methodist Church has lost its prophetic voice to the world.

I hope that it has not gone unnoticed by any of you that we have an opioid drug epidemic in our nation. In New England alone there were some 4148 overdose deaths related to heroin and fentanyl. The sparsely populated state of Maine had a staggering 378 deaths!!! Nationally over 52,000 died last year alone! Thatís 1000 deaths a week, or 142 deaths per day! Itís time that the United Methodist Church, (and all churches) once again find their prophetic voice and vision. There were more deaths last year from heroin overdose than deaths because of gay marriage ever. There is no epidemic of people dying because they married the person they love. No parishioner has dropped dead from shock (that we know of) because their pastor came out as gay. I hope you can see how arguments over LGBTQ issues are much like Nero playing his fiddle while Rome was burning.

This year I will be working with others to write a resolution and plan of action to be voted on in the New England Annual Conference and sent to General Conference. If you would like to be part of this movement please private message me. If you canít wait for General Conference to get off their keesters and take action and once again become a prophetic voice of love, forgiveness and transformation, then I urge you to seek out local non-profits that are doing the work already and be a part of that.

Blessings to one and all! Pastor David Martin